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Semantic Signup
Allows to populate a user page with semantic data at signup time
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Homepage: follow this link
Maintainer(s): Serg Kutny, Jeroen De Dauw
First released: January 2009
Release status: beta
Development status: active
Composer: mediawiki/semantic-signup
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The Semantic Signup extension tweaks the user registration process in order to make users populate their user pages with semantic data at registration time. Whenever the user registration form is requested the user is redirected to the Semantic Signup special page where he has to enter the usual account data and some additional information into a semantic form. When the form is submitted, the usual account information is used to register the new user account and the new user page is populated with the additional data.

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.4.3 to the most current version.
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