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Semantic Result Formats
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Maintainer(s): James Hong Kong, Jeroen De Dauw
First released: 8月 2008年
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Development: 活跃
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Semantic Result Formats(语义结果格式)是“Semantic MediaWiki”扩展未提供描述。的一款扩展,给它添加了大量额外的结果格式,包括日历、时间线、图表、图形和数学函数的格式。这些结果格式可用于行内查询和其他语义搜索


标签云格式tagcloud在标签云(tag cloud)之中显示所查询到的数据1.5.3miscJeroen De Dauw
BibTeX format/zh-hansbibtex生成供采用BibTeX格式文件下载数据的链接1.4.3exportFrank Dengler
Steren Giannini
Outline format/zh-hansoutline根据属性取值,采取层级结构式大纲(hierarchical outline)的方式罗列页面1.4.3miscYaron Koren
Google pie format/zh-hansgooglepie利用Google Charts API(谷歌条图应用编程接口)生成饼图1.4.0chartsDenny Vrandečić
Google bar format/zh-hansgooglebar利用Google Charts API(谷歌条图应用编程接口)生成条图1.4.0chartsDenny Vrandečić
Hash format/zh-hanshash逗号分隔型列表,且带有括在英文圆括号当中的额外输出以及额外的格式编排选项1.6.1miscDaniel A. R. Werner
Gallery format 1.5.0 - 1.7.1/zh-hansgallery用于将查询结果显示为动态画廊,并且其输出与使用MediaWiki内置画廊标签时相同。1.5.0miscRowan Rodrik van der Molen
Jeroen De Dauw
ICalendar日历格式icalendar采用iCalendar格式导出数据1.4.2exportMarkus Krötzsch
Denny Vrandečić
Jeroen De Dauw
Jqplotpie format/zh-hansjqplotpie利用 jqPlot Javascript 库生成饼图1.5.1chartsYaron Koren
Sanyam Goyal
James Hong Kong
Calendar format/zh-hanscalendar在日历上显示关联有日期时间的页面1.4.0timeYaron Koren
事件轴格式timeline采用交互式事件轴(interactive eventlines)来显示查询结果1.4.0miscMarkus Krötzsch
Jeroen De Dauw
时间轴格式timeline采用交互式时间轴(interactive timelines)来显示查询结果1.4.0miscMarkus Krötzsch
Jeroen De Dauw
Array format/zh-hansarray逗号分隔型列表,且带有括在英文圆括号当中的额外输出以及额外的格式编排选项1.6.1miscDaniel A. R. Werner
Help:最大值格式max用于显示所查询到的全部数值型数据的最大值1.4.2mathYaron Koren
Help:最小值格式min用于显示所查询到的全部数值型数据的最小值1.4.2mathYaron Koren
VCard format/zh-hansvcard采用vCard格式导出数据1.4.2exportFrank Dengler
Markus Krötzsch
Denny Vrandečić


Semantic Result Formats requires Semantic MediaWiki to run, at least at the same second-level version number as Semantic Result Formats, i.e. SRF 1.6.2 requires SMW 1.6.x. For a full list of changes in the different versions of Semantic Result Formats, see the release notes.


See this help page outlining the software compatibility of this extension (MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and PHP).


See this help page outlining how to install this extension.


Enabling additional formats

If nothing else is added, all but the following formats are enabled: 'exhibit', 'incoming', 'googlebar', 'googlepie' and 'jitgraph'. In order to additionally add one of these formats, you can add lines like:

$srfgFormats[] = 'googlebar';
$srfgFormats[] = 'googlepie';

... or alternatively

$srfgFormats = array_merge(
    $srfgFormats, [

... or you can override the set of formats entirely, with a call like:

$srfgFormats = [

... using one or more of the formats provided.

There are some formats that you may not want to include because they may not follow certain policies within your wiki; the formats 'googlebar' and 'googlepie', for instance, send data to external web services for rendering, which may be considered a data leak.

In the event you want to use features that are taking advantage of Google Maps (such as the map view created by the Filtered result printer), please assign a valid Google Maps key to the $wgGoogleMapsKey variable in "LocalSettings.php". Otherwise, these features will not be available. If you do not yet have a Google Maps key for your wiki, you can get one at https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/get-api-key?hl=en.


Some data seems to be ignored in the results.

By default, inline queries return 50 pages. Even if you're aggregating the results, using distribution=yes, that limit still applies. You probably need to increase the limit, by setting the |limit= parameter within the query, and (if you need to query more than 500 pages) by setting configuration parameter $smwgQMaxInlineLimitSets the maximal number of rows ever printed by queries in "LocalSettings.php" as well.

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