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Semantic Cite
Anlamsal ek açıklamaları kullanarak alıntı kaynaklarını yönetmeye izin verir
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Maintainer(s): James Hong Kong
First released: Kasım 2015
Release: stable
Development: active
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Semantic Cite (SCI olarak bilinir) uzantısı, extension "Semantic MediaWiki"Allows to store and query data annotated to pages anlamsal ek açıklamalar yardımıyla alıntı kaynaklarını organize etmenin basit bir yolunu sağlar.

Atıf kaynaklarının yönetimini merkezileştirmek ve bir viki içinde depolanan referansların yeniden kullanımını teşvik etmek için kullanılabilir. Desteklenen özellikler şunları içerir:

  • Self-added and customizable reference list
  • Individual property annotation and text formatting rules
  • In-text reference tooltip
  • Bibtex record import support
  • Metadata retrieval from selected providers (PubMed, CrossRef etc.)

Use cases[edit]

This extension can help with tasks like:

  • Track which citation resource is referenced by which article
  • Calculate in-text citation frequency
  • Query references and its cross links
  • Reuse a citation resource wiki-wide by simply making use of the [[CiteRef:: ...]] annotation
  • Map citation properties to an external vocabulary

In-text annotation[edit]

Besides those listed "semantic" use cases, a fairly more practical one is the in-text use of annotations without a text being clutter by <ref> ... </ref> which can make the text hard to edit (depending on the amount and length of the traditional Cite markers used or when the principle of "cite whenever you use other authors’ ideas, and cite when readers could question your claims" is followed).

Is linked by[edit]

Being able to query crosslinks of a citation reference is also an important outcome of this extension which allows to see which concepts (a subject, paragraph, or article) uses the same reference to support/reject a claim.

Linked Open Data[edit]

Pre-defined properties such as DOI can be easily mapped to an external vocabulary such as bibo. For example, an available bibo vocabulary specification allows the RDF export to map its internal representation to an external vocabulary.

Citation styles[edit]

SCI supports different citation styles for different types of citations (i.e internet, journal, book etc.) which can be freely specified and designed using MediaWiki's template system.



A collection of examples can be found here: <sandbox.semantic-mediawiki.org>

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