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Process format
Displays process graphs
Further Information
Provided by: Semantic Result Formats
Added: 1.4.2
Removed: still supported
Requirements: GraphViz
Format name: process
Enabled by default: 
Indicates whether the result format is enabled by default upon installation of the respective extension.
Authors: Frank Dengler, Hans-Jörg Happel
Categories: graph
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The result format process, part of the Semantic Result Formats extension, can be used to display result values as a process graph. In order to work the GraphViz extension is required to be installed, too.


Format specific
Parameter Type Default Description
graphname text empty <srf-paramdesc-graphname>
rankdir text TB <srf-paramdesc-rankdir>
graphsize text empty <srf-paramdesc-graphsize>
clustercolor text lightgrey <srf-paramdesc-clustercolor>
highlight text empty <srf-paramdesc-highlight>
highlightcolor text blue <srf-paramdesc-highlightcolor>
redlinkcolor text red <srf-paramdesc-redlinkcolor>
processcat text Process <srf-paramdesc-processcategory>
showroles yes/no no <srf-paramdesc-showroles>
showstatus yes/no no <srf-paramdesc-showstatus>
showresources yes/no no <srf-paramdesc-showresources>
showdiscussion yes/no no <srf-paramdesc-showdiscussion>
showredlinks yes/no no <srf-paramdesc-showredlinks>
showcompound yes/no yes <srf-paramdesc-showcompound>
debug yes/no no <srf-paramdesc-debug>
graphvalidation yes/no no <srf-paramdesc-graphvalidation>



 [[Category:Process Step]]
 |?has OrSuccessor=hasorsuccessor 
 |?has Successor=hassuccessor 
 |?has ConTrueSuccessor=hascontruesuccessor 
 |?has ConFalseSuccessor =hasconfalsesuccessor 
 |?has Condition=hascondition 
 |?has Role=hasrole 
 |?uses Resource=usesresource
 |?has Status=hasstatus

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This result format is not enabled by default on a wiki. To enable it the line
$srfgFormats[] = 'process';
must be added to the "LocalSettings.php" file below the inclusion of the Semantic Result Formats extension.

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.4.2 to the most current version.

Help:Process format en 1.4.2