Demo:Event calendar


Example where events are being specified using subobjects

Standard (auto) height[edit]

 [[Has event::+]]
 [[Has event start::+]]                    
 |?Has event=title
 |?Has event start
 |?Has event end                
 |?Has event description=description     
 |?Has event icon=icon              
 |?Has event color=color
 |?Has event location=location          

Reduced height[edit]

The min. height is internally set to 350px because any value below would generally cause a display distortion within the wiki page when the event calendar is used.




Automatic event updates depends on whether or not your user preferences has been set (anonymous users are not set for automatic updates). During a session, the refresh button can be used to reload results from the store.

Selection criteria[edit]

Demo results depend on parameters such as the start ("earliest, latest") and/or limit which might need adjustment using the query panel.


Please make sure that you have read the documentation and adopted the data model in order for data types corresponding with specified requirements. (For more information, see Property:Has event start).