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Semantic Web, Big Data, Enterprise Knowledge ManagementSMWCon Fall 2014
Enterprise Linked Data: Open or closed?In this talk I will throw new light on the reasons why metadata is key for professional information management, and why W3C's semantic web standards are so important to reduce costs of data management through economies of scale. I will discuss from a multi-stakeholder perspective several use cases for the industrialization of semantic technologies and linked data.SMWCon Fall 2014

Since 2004, I am CEO and managing partner of Semantic Web Company.

I am experienced with large-scale IT-projects in various industry sectors, and I am also responsible for the product management of PoolParty. I have been a pioneer in the area of the semantic web since 2002; I am also co-founder of SEMANTiCS conference series, co-editor and editor of one of the first comprehensive books in the area of the semantic web for the German speaking community.

Semantic Web Company (SWC) is a technology provider headquartered in Vienna (Austria). SWC supports organizations from all industrial sectors worldwide to improve their information management. PoolParty, our core product has outstanding capabilities to create and maintain knowledge graphs and to extract meaning from big data by making use of linked data technologies.

The three key success factors to meet this challenge are:

  • establish professional metadata management
  • use standards from the semantic web and
  • embed semantic technologies and social software in common enterprise systems