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Special page "WantedProperties"Special page "WantedProperties"
Lists used properties with no explicit datatype assignment
Further Information
Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added: 0.3
Removed: still available
In this wiki: Special:WantedProperties

WantedProperties is a special page that lists all properties that are used in the wiki but do not yet have a page for describing them, i.e. with no datatype assigned to them using special property "Has type". This special page was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 0.3 via special page "Relations" and was improved and renamed to its current name presumably starting with Semantic MediaWiki 1.0.0.

For all properties listed datatype "Page" is automatically assumed. While gardening the semantic data of the wiki either a datatype should be assigned to the properties listed on this special page or alternatively should be merged with another existing property if applicable. The latter may be necessary because of e.g. a typo in the property name like e.g. "Has verson" instead of "Has version" or because there is a property with a different name but serving the very same purpose like e. g. "Has software version" as opposed to "Has version". There may very well be other reasons.

Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.0 introduced the "rebuildPropertyStatistics.php" maintenance script allowing to update the statistical data on this special page. These data are no longer automatically updated by Semantic MediaWiki since. This avoids using an active connection to the data store thus improving the performance of the wiki. However after running the maintenance script the information displayed on this special page is not immediately updated. This may take up to one hour if the default settings for the $smwgCacheUsage configuration parameter are used.