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see Help:List_of_datatypes

  1. List of datatypes (anu:, boo: true, cod:
    is preserved but variables are expanded, e.g:
    Help:List of datatypes
    is displayed as the name of this page instead of FULLPAGENAME
    , dat: 22 May 2015 17:32:00, ema:, geo: 32° 42' 54.00" N, 117° 9' 45.00" W, num: 47,000.11, mltGeneric property for monolingual text: Monoglingual text in english (en), Texte monoglinguel en français (fr), Einsprachiger Text auf Deutsch (de), wpg: Semantic MediaWiki, telThis property is a special property in this wiki.: +1-800-225-5288, tem: 296.15 K23 °C <br />73.4 °F <br />533.07 °R <br />, qty: 1,052.00 km²406.18 sqmi <br />, txt: Did you create the page for Tokyo 東京 ? Yes ✓, uri: