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Wolfgang FahlUser:WolfgangFahl/Workdocumentation 2015-12-31 WF

tag parsing


Need my own fork

Fork on github to get:

neso:SemanticMediaWiki wf$ git remote add smw
neso:SemanticMediaWiki wf$ git fetch smw pull/794/head
 * branch            refs/pull/794/head -> FETCH_HEAD

How to create a Property for a PHPUnit tests


  $propertyDV = SMWPropertyValue::makeUserProperty( $propertyName );

Github Template

Octocat.pngissues/1340Moved Permanently. Redirecting to

How the Parser does it

DataValueFactory new PropertyValue is called e.g. with $propertyName=BarText and $valueString=<pre>Some text</pre>

a new propertyDV is created for the given propertyName since the propertyDI of the propertyDV is a DIProperty newPropertyObjetValue is called

findPropertyTypeId looks for the WikiPage("BarText") and tries to get the PropertyValues of Type _TYPE in it.