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Getting started
Aims to provide an easy to follow introduction users unfamiliar with Semantic MediaWiki
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This "Getting started" page aims to provide an easy to follow introduction on how to install and work with Semantic MediaWiki (aka SMW) for users unfamiliar with this MediaWiki extension.

For a more in-depth description about what SMW can do and where it can help, please read the following introductory text. If you are unsure about terms like Property, Subject, or RDF when reading material related to SMW then the following may help:

Additional tutorial examples include (which may require additional extensions):


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"Starter kit"[edit]

If you want to start quickly and run some tests without having to declare all properties by yourself then we suggest you import the following XML into your wiki. After the import you should be able to use properties like Property:Has wattage (see property list) with content pages such as Berlin.


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