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Traditio (also Традиция, "tradition") is a free Russian semantic wiki. A comprehensive encyclopedic network project that exists for the creation, collection and organization of knowledge in the interests of the Russian nation.

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The site started on December 29th, 1998 as Constantine Krylov'sRuss. site dedicated to conservative and nationalist views. It switched to MediaWiki on May 17th, 2006.


The site is run by Russian nationalists according to the interests of Russian nation as they see them, but is open to everybody. Traditio's approach to neutral point of view differs from that of Wikipedia demanding that it ought to be discoursively responsible.

Notability is not required. Original research is permitted but should be clearly marked as such. Non-encyclopedic texts can be published in a separate namespace under titles in Text:Author:Title format. There is also a separate namespace for stubs. New articles are distrubuted between the main namespace, Text and 'Stub namespaces by Abuse Filter.

So far, there have been no commercial advertisements on the site.

Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

Semantic MediaWiki was deployed on the site at an early stage but its wide usage began later, when the SummaryRuss. infobox templates were developed.

Now, most of semantic properties are set by Summary infoboxes, which share characteristic minimalistic design featuring a thick vertical line at their left side. The templates include a rather advanced parametre parser based on regular expressions, which allows to set multiple property values and correctly deals with endnotes, auxiliary markup, etc. Those templates also provide some navigation to similar (that is, sharing certain properties) pages.

In addition to infoboxes, SMW is used, by means of subobjects, to register references to books and articles (when set by aproppriate templates) and inclusion of multimedia content like video clips.

Other notable extensions[edit]

MediaWiki extensions used by Traditio also include: