Using MediaWiki pages in signage solutions


John, will your talk also look cover solutions for signage? I team at my employer is looking for solutions to graphically represent the ongoing proceddings in a large interoperability verification exercise. Important requirement is to regulalrly update the page to show the most recent results. Or in another way, to cycle between several pages. We haven't figured out yet how we can achieve that. We have nie pages with graphics - no solution to set a timer on a page and active a link to antoher page (including a purge of the current page) when the time is up. If this covers the scope of your presentation, I am interested to hear how you will fix this.

22:36, 1 April 2015

Hi - sounds like you want an image carousel but displaying pages not images? I dont know of an extension to do this either. You can fake it and create images of the pages you want to show, and then create a carousel for them. Hope that helps/john

19:50, 3 April 2015

You can:

  • purge the page by a cron job,
  • make the changing part a client- or server-side include that will call MediaWiki API to parse wikitext on any page view. You'll need to write a MediaWiki extension to use CSI or SSI on wikipages. It's going to be a resource-consuming solution. An example of a CSI (semantic news and weather map in the upper right) is here:; an example of a SSI (a semantic map again) is here.
13:54, 4 April 2015