Declaring subcategory without entering the category page

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at the moment i have to bring a pretty big class hierarchy from a .owl document to my SMW. I have been searching for quite a long time on how to do this, but i have seen that there is no way of a direct "import.

In order to do this, my idea is creating a document which makes something like this:

//Category declaration

Category: catego1

Category: catego2 . . . . Category: catego950

This is easy, and will allow me to create all categories, problem is that they need to be organized in a hierarchy.

For this i would need something like

catego1 subCategoryOf: catego2

You know, without having to enter the category (in this example catego1) each time, as there is a pretty long way to go.

Any clue on how to do this? Did not found nothing on how to do that.

18:31, 23 March 2015