parser in #set


If {{{название модели|}}} is empty, the apostrophes are interpreted as ''' ' and therefore unbalanced. Try replacing them with <em>. Not that I hope it would help (in a wiki I checked it in, the property was set anyway).

You could also try to replace emptyness in the else branch of the {{#if:}} call with a space or, better, <nowiki></nowiki>. {{#set:}} might break on empty substrings.

Worst of all, {{#set:}} may be called before {{#if:}}, not after as expected.

17:55, 6 January 2013

Видно, мне это не по силам сообразить. Перепробовал массу вариантов, и последовательно обновлял вики и SMF. Не сочтите за наглость - обратился к вам за помощью через

Попробую еще убрать апострофы.

18:19, 6 January 2013