Practical example


Any example or use case that brings feature sets nearer to a user is welcome and appreciated. We have a new page called Use cases that is actually meant for this sort of purpose. You might want to describe your scenario in two or three sentences and link to the resource that contains your use case.

10:26, 22 January 2015

Thank you, the use cases are very helpful! They give general ideas about what kind of wikis are in use for what kind of purposes. What I was thinking of was more concrete examples of specific features, so links to specific pages in wikis where the features are used, not to wiki main pages (unless the features are used on the main pages). What I saw now is that I am at the wrong page here anyways because we don't set values like described on this help page here but with features of the forms extension, and how this works is described on the help pages of that extension. I now asked there. Sorry for the confusion.

17:32, 24 January 2015