Semantic inner queries are not resolving


After several requests [0] to provide an appropriate example, I went ahead (and this will be my last attempt to explain what we expect or require) and created [1] based on the information provided by the #ask statement above.

[1] example produces an output with the template provide earlier [0], yet it does not show or contain the mentioned `shortname::User:sasaah` output.

Please be so kind and adapt [1] so that we can actually see where `shortname::User:sasaah` as output appears otherwise it will be very difficult for us to provide further assistance.

[0] [1]

16:41, 19 August 2016

for security reason, all data cant be reflected in sandbox as requried. But I can reflect some of example data as requried. And its related to inline query expression like User:sasah should resolve to the full name as 'Sanjay Sahu' I have rebuild the semantic data using 'rebuildData.php' but it did not help.

Could you say how did you added data to the table at below example page displying for user/Author : HumptyDumpty ? so that I can add some more example data.


15:41, 30 August 2016