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> Would you please consider putting a LocalSetting.php article wihtin this wiki or on GitHub to help installation? As done for SefaultSetting of mediawiki on GitHub


> include_once("$IP/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/SemanticMediaWiki.php");

This line is not required in LocalSettings for SMW.

Please have a look at the video [0] which shows a vanilla MW/SMW installation from the start to the end.

[0] https://vimeo.com/82255034

17:38, 23 June 2015

Thanks MWjames,

The problem came from a different mediawiki version (oups didn't checked that). I installed through:

 sudo apt-get install mediawiki

But the version on the repository was 1.15 and not 1.25.

The video did help as I realised this gap in version within the first few images "Download mediawiki 1.24.2". So thank you for pointing toward it. I didn't notice there was some in the "Help:Installation" page.

I take the liberty to add a "version checking " line in the steps describe. May it help those hasty and inattentive as I can sometime be.


10:15, 25 June 2015