Version of GraphViz


After upgrading a wiki to MW 1.24 I noticed that an older GraphViz version wouldn't work anymore. I then updated. Except for the graphname parameter our SRF graphs seem to work again. Since I hardly can believe that one should use a 2-year old graphviz version from the SVN I also changed the documentation page of this wiki. Hopefully, this is was right, else please undo :)

To fix the graphname problem: I think that new GraphViz versions rather want something like this: <graphviz renderer="neato" caption="Graph for example no. 2">. I am getting the following kind of error message:

Error: SandBox_digraph_Liens_entre_modules_2.src:1: syntax error near line 1
context: digraph Liens >>> entre <<< modules 2 {size="10,500";node [shape=box];rankdir=TB; "4C-ID" [URL = "[[4C-ID]]"]; 

"Liens entre modules" was | graphname=Liens entre modules 2

19:41, 16 December 2014