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I have User:* pages that contain the following content. In short, the user page has property values that contain the user's last recorded position, the position of the user's home, and the user's work (if specified). At the bottom of the page, there is a compound query that maps the relevant locations in Google Maps. I would like to have different markers for each type of geographic location (ie. each property queried). However, I cannot find a way to associate an icon to each property selected for display (I have placed a comma between the icon filenames as pseudo-code for this attempt). Is there a means to define this association in the query (ie. without having to place each coordinate on separate wiki pages)?

== User locations ==
{{#set:Has coordinates=0°0.2401'N, 0°0.0066'W
      |Has coordinates (home)=0°0.2401'N, 20°0.0066'W
      |Has coordinates (work)=20°0.2401'N, 0°0.0066'W
== User location map ==
  [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}]][[Has coordinates::+]];?Has coordinates (home);?Has coordinates (work);icon=Blue Google marker.png,Green Google marker.png
| format=map


18:42, 16 November 2012

Ok, you are not understating how Semantic Compound Queries work. What you're trying to do is quite understandable, as it would make more sense then the approach you'll have to take, since what you're trying now is sadly enough not possible.

You cannot switch on a property, you have to switch on queries. You thus need two queries, each with a different property. See Semantic Maps examples/Compound queries for an example.

I'd love to see switching on properties in SCQ :)

12:18, 3 December 2012