Sorting pages


This is indeed a very useful output format, but with another limitation. Sorting pages can only be done based on properties of the pages themselves. And that is not always useful. For example: if pages are slides in a slideshow the slideshow would be separate pages in which the slides are bundled and put in a certain order. For example using multi-instance templates and subobjects. In that case the sorting information is in the subobjects and not in the pages themselves. Then you would want to have something like this:

{{#ask: [[Is in slideshow::aSlideshow]] (querying the subobjects for this slideshow)
| mainlabel=-
| Has slide=
| sort=Slide number
| format=embedded

Here the result of the query would be a number of slides if put in a list or table, but is a number of slideshows in this case because the embedded format doesn't look at the printouts.

Would it be possible to change the format so that any list of pages that is the result of the query (including the printouts) could be embedded?

15:07, 3 July 2015