Sorting and filtering properties of type::date


I have not fully tested this, but in my data, it seems like fields where each value is set, the dates are sorted properly (I have also found it helpful to set times, as dates seem to be calculated for this format based on the server's time zone, regardless of user settings). If there are any blank values in any of the results, they will not sort properly.

For example, if I have two columns with date values, one of which has a value for each date, and one of which is blank, the column with all values set will sort properly, but the column with some blank values set will sort alphabetically (e.g., 1, 12, 2, then alphabetical month).

Filtering will not fix this; the underlying query has to return results with values set for each result in the relevant column for chronological sorting to work.

15:48, 10 September 2015