Weird extra coordinates....



I use the #display_map: method to get a map with a lot of lines.

I created the template used in the semantic query myself, to get the

coordinate1:coordinate2~ ~Text~Color;

It works fine for the 2nd result until the last, but the first result always is screwd-up. In the HTML-Source of the page I can see, that google gets three coordinates, resulting in an additional line.


The coordinates used should be 40.7828687,-73.9675438 and 38.8566241,-77.0270329. The first obviously appear correct, but the latter somehow turn into something unexpected.

Any help ?

Here is the call:

|lines={{#ask:[[Endpunkt 1::+]]
|?Endpunkt 1=Endpunkt1
|?Endpunkt 2=Endpunkt2
|?Caern 1
|?Caern 2
|sort=Endpunkt 1,Endpunkt 2

Best Regards,

15:29, 18 October 2016