Short online survey about Semantic Annotations


June 24 2010. Semantic Need is an upcoming extension which helps to improve semantic annotations in SMW. To get feedback on its development, Hans-Jörg from FZI set up a short online survey (taking around 15 minutes time) which he would kindly ask you to fill out. The survey is mainly targeting people working with SMW on a regular basis. In the survey, you will also learn some details and see some screenshots about the approach.

The URL for participating in the survey is

Answers submitted until 2010-07-12 will be part of the final analysis. However, we will carry out an intermediate analysis on 2010-06-26 and thus kindly ask you to participate before this date already. Survey results will later be announced on this site.

Update on September 19 2010: Thanks to everyone participating! Initial results were presented at SMWCon Fall 2010 (Slides). More detailed report/analysis will follow.

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