Semantic MediaWiki at Wikimania 2008

SMW session at Wikimania 2008: not enough room for all who are interested
Markus and Denny in the main conference area

July 19 2008. Since the very first Wikimania conference in 2005, Semantic MediaWiki has always presented the current state of its implementation to the community – even though there was absolutely no implementation yet in 2005! In 2008, we are happy to present SMW as a much more mature and developed project. Two talks are given this year: Markus Krötzsch is providing a general overview of SMW and its current state (see slides and details), and Yaron Koren is going to present details on how to use Extension "Page Forms" and other extensions to create a structured semantic wiki (see slides). Further materials, such as records and slide sets, will be linked from here once they become available.