Semantic MediaWiki 1.4.3 released: tracking input errors, new query options, less bugs


Aug 5 2009. With Semantic MediaWiki 1.4.3, the SMW Project provides the third update for SMW 1.4. The new version brings a number of feature extensions. Most notably, SMW now keeps track of errors that occur when unsuitable values are assigned to some property, and various options were added for formatting results of inline queries, including a new results format, "category". Moreover, a significant number of open issues and bugs have been closed, and compatibility with MediaWiki 1.5 has been ensured. A related update of Extension "Semantic Result Formats" is going to appear soon. Upgrading from earlier versions of SMW is easy, see Installation 1.4.3 for details. Further information is found on the SMW 1.4.3 page.

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