Semantic MediaWiki 1.4.3

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Semantic MediaWiki 1.4.3
Release date: August 15, 2009
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 1.4.2
Next version: Semantic MediaWiki 1.5.0
Compatible with: MW 1.13.x - 1.16.x
Current version:
SMW 4.1.3

Version 1.4.3 of Semantic MediaWiki is an update of Semantic MediaWiki 1.4.2, providing some requested feature extensions and fixing a significant number of open issues and bugs.

Upgrading existing installations[edit]

Upgrading installations of SMW 1.4.* requires only to replace the SMW extension files and to re-run the database initialization on Special:SMWAdmin. Upgrading older installations of SMW works as described for Semantic MediaWiki 1.4.0.

Usually, extensions that are compatible with SMW 1.4.2 should also work with SMW 1.4.3. If any problems should occur, it is possible to revert to SMW 1.4.2 by simply replacing the SMW directory with the SMW 1.4.2 release again, continuing using the old version until extension developers have updated their code.


Tracking input errors[edit]

There is a new special property Property:Has improper value for that is used to track all input errors in SMW. Whenever a property value is not understood, SMW stores an annotation for has improper value for. The property will relate the page where the error occurs to the property to which an invalid value was assigned.

This new feature can be used to find all input problems in a wiki, by simply searching for all pages that have some has improper value for value (using inline queries or some of the browsing special pages). This information is also used by SMW to repair page records after the datatype of a property was changed.

Searching for all values of a property[edit]

It is now possible to retrieve all values of a property using Special:PageProperty. Simply leave the From page field empty in the input form.

Display of query results[edit]

Various new options were added for inline query results. A new "category" results format was added, that displays results in the style of a MediaWiki category. A columns= parameter was added for the 'ol' and 'ul' formats, allowing those outputs to be split up into columns. The CSV format now displays a header row at the top by default. Setting the parameter headers=plain leads to table headers/property labels that are not linked to the respective page. Printouts in queries now support the plain output that is not formatted, useful for further processing query values. See Displaying information for details.

Geographical proximity queries[edit]

The "::~" comparator in inline queries can now be used for properties of type Geographic coordinate, not just Strings. Adding such a comparator for specific coordinates, allowing with setting the new distance= parameter (which takes values both in km and miles), will get all the points that have that property within the set distance of those coordinates.

Recurring events[edit]

Recurring events can now be stored semantically, using the new #set_recurring_event parser function.

New configuration options[edit]

Two new configuration options, $smwgMaxPropertyValues and $smwgMaxNonExpNumber, are provided. The first is used to set the number of values that are shown for each entry on a property page. The second parameter defines in which cases large numbers should be displayed in scientific notation (exp).

Admin Links support[edit]

Support was added for the Extension "Admin Links" extension, so that links for SMW can show up in that extension's 'AdminLinks' page.

Extended translations[edit]

As usual, translations have been extended thanks to the project.


SMW 1.4.3 closes a significant number of bugs and minor issues that were still open in SMW 1.4.2. In particular, this includes improvements in parsing, date processing, and some open issues with non-English translations. Displaying of sub-properties and setting inverse labels for properties (used in Special:Browse) works again.

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