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Semantic MediaWiki 0.6
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  • New Special:Ask for directly browsing query results and for testing queries.
  • New output format "timeline" for inline queries that deal with dates. Available parameters are: timelinestart (name of start date attribute), timelineend (name of end date attribute, if any), tiemlinesize (CSS-encoded height), timelinebands (comma-seperated list of bands such as DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, ...), and timelineposition (one of start, end, today, middle).
  • Complete RDF export is now possible with a maintenance script, which can e.g. be run periodically on a server to create RDF files.
  • New "service links" feature: any attribute can provide configurable links to online services. As a special case, the map-services of geo-coordinates are now fully configurable.
  • Inline queries now link to life search for further results if not all results were shown inline.
  • The formatting code for inline queries was rewritten to become more powerful. For instance, multi-property outputs in list format will never produce empty parentheses now.
  • RDF-export code is cleaner and some further OWL DL incompatibilities are caught.
  • RDF-export now can generate browsable RDF (with backlinks) even for Category pages.
  • Improved headers for sorting tables. Sort icon now visible even if no text is shown in header.
  • Many bugfixes.

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