SMW 0.2c

SMW 0.2c
Previous version: SMW 0.2b
Next version: SMW 0.3a
Current version:
SMW 4.1.3

From the RELEASE-NOTES[edit]

Changes by mak (0.2c, 9 Mar 2006):

  • added basic language support functionality
  • improved installation process (SMW_LocalSettings.php, simpler patching for Setup.php)

Changes by mak (0.2c, 1 Mar 2006):

  • RDF Export enabled
  • more CSS and an icon to show RDF download link on pages

Changes by kai/mak (0.2c, Feb 2006):

  • Added new custom stylesheet and JScript (kai/mak)
  • New JScript tooltips (kai)
  • New style for infobox search items (mak)

Changes by mak (0.2c, Feb 2006):

  • Added new Special:SMWAdmin that allows relatively painless upgrade from versions <=0.2 where no namespaces were used.
  • Added support for moving pages with its stored triples.
  • BUGFIX: triples in articles with SQL-hostile symbols (e.g. ') are now working.