SMW 0.2b

SMW 0.2b
Previous version: Semantic MediaWiki 0.2
Next version: SMW 0.2c
Current version:
SMW 4.2.0

From the RELEASE-NOTES[edit]

Changes by mak (0.2b, Jan 2006):

  • Changed directory structure for more clarity, easier installation and upgrade.
  • Now using custom namespaces for Relations, Attributes, and Types, and their talks.
  • Semantic features can be switched on or off for each namespace individually.
  • Registered extension for MediaWiki's "Special:Version".
  • BUGFIX: Configuration now takes fixed servername to use in storing URIs. Before, different access methods (e.g. direct IP vs. servername) generated different URIs.
  • BUGFIX: Attributes that could not be parsed now do not generate triples with empty object in our database.