SMWCon Spring 2011 - Conference Presentations


This is the conference presentation page for SMWCon Spring 2011.

Please put your presentation proposals below.

Content organization[edit]

The conference material will roughly be divided along the following lines:

On Friday, April 29, there will mainly be presentations, talks, case studies and applications; you can think of it as an extension of the tutorial day at a higher level (also to help review things discussed on the tutorial day).

On Saturday, April 30, there will be more demos, panel and group discussions (questions and answers). The purpose of the day is to learn more, explore more and be inspired: see how far SMW can go.

Please submit your proposals accordingly (Note: there is not a clear line to separate the content from Friday and Saturday, the organization committee will likely need to shuffle the contents).

Presentation time[edit]

Please add the following when proposing a talk:

  • L: Each full/long talk/presentation/demo will be 45 minutes, including Q&A.
  • M: Each medium talk/presentation/demo will be 30 minutes, including Q&A.
  • S: Each short talk/presentation/demo will be 15 minutes, including Q&A.

The expected time can also S-M = "short-medium" or M-L "medium-long" if you are flexible - which can make the organizer committee's life a lot easier too :).

Note: There will also be 30 minutes coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon, and 1.5 hour lunch and social time every day.

Suggested format[edit]

  • (L) Title of Your Presentation, Your Name, a (short) description about your presentation and especially the context it is about. Links are optional, but definitely nice to have.

Friday Conference Presentation Proposals[edit]

  • [M] SMW and LOD Mark Greaves Vision on the synergy of Semantic Wiki and Linked Open Data
  • [M] SMW and the Workflow Puzzle, Yaron Koren - the nature of workflow in MediaWiki, and how a set of extensions, including some new functionality in Semantic Forms, can be used to provide some of it
  • [M] Aqueduct: Collaborative Projection, Annotation, and Analysis of Linked Data using a Semantic Wiki, John Callahan - a case study of using MW/SMW to cleanse data, create/share analytics, and discover insights via crowdsourcing
  • [L] Use of SMW at BBN, Mike Dean and/or others, - How SMW is used at BBN (to be refined)
  • [L] SMW at PNNL, Keith Fligg - An overview of what we have done with SMW and related extensions at PNNL and our plans for the future.
  • [S] Discussion about Inline Editing, Jesse Wang, Ning Hu Demo and discussion about our inline editor of Wiki Content
  • [L] Wiki Widget Infrastructure Jesse Wang An infrastructure to use and build widgets within SMW, based on semantic markups and little (optional) code *in* wiki
  • [L] Semantic Data Integration with SMW+ Michael Erdmann, Daniel Hansch A business use case: aligning heterogeneous legacy data and accessing it from within the Wiki (incl. live demo)
  • [M] Halo extension Daniel Hansch Owesome new features for the community (tabular forms, recommended annotations etc etc)

Saturday Conference Presentation Proposals[edit]

  • [M] All-New Microsoft Office Connector: Wikis in Microsoft Office, Jesse Wang, Update on our Microsoft Office-Wiki Connector development: all new look, new features, more supported systems and a new price tag
  • [S] "Use of SMW in Cyber Security", Mason McLead, Quick look at how the government as well as enterprises are using SMW to track Security Incident Information
  • [L] Search Engine Optimize for SMW, Wil Smith, All kinds of things we did to improve SEO for our SMW instance
  • [M] A common repository for sharing wiki applications Daniel Hansch, A proposal to the community
  • [L] "NYCDataWeb", Joel Natividad, "Description of NYCBigApps initiative and how SMW is being positioned as a open city data mashup platform"
  • [M] Semantic Wikis in the Year 2000!, Yaron Koren - thoughts about the future of semantic wikis, and some long-term trends
  • [L] Panel discussion on Interactive SMW, Panel TBD, How to make SMW more interactive, better usability, "modern look and feel", and so on
  • [L] Panel discussion on SMW in Enterprise and government, Panel TBD (Joel N would like to participate), How to make SMW penetrate more into large organizations, what are most desired features etc.