SMW in Healthcare

SMW in Healthcare
Talk details
Description: Using SMW in Healthcare to provide a multi-author environment to track definitions and insight into business metrics.
Speaker(s): Chris Koerner, Nancy Krautmann
Type: Regular talk
Audience: Business people
Length: 30 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: healthcare, enterprise
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Note: We are unable to to present due to a lack of funding for travel. We attempted to have our employer cover the hotel and food and asked the Wikimedia organization for support with travel costs. The latter request was not funded.

At Mercy, a medium-sized healthcare system based in the mid-west United States, we are leveraging Semantic MediaWiki to help organize documentation and definitions around the various metrics, statistics and measures that we track across our clinical work. These measures are for performance, government programs, payment programs, and award programs. I'd like to share what we've built using SMW, describe some of the use-cases and internal business partnerships we've discovered and hopefully provide some encouragement for using SMW in a large complicated organization.