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Name  Krautmann
First name  Nancy
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About me  I work at Mercy, a non-profit health system in the mid-west section of the United States, in the IT department on the Data Management team. My role includes working with data-focused co-workers to help provide writing, editing, and organizing support around the descriptions and definitions of data and measurements.
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Events  SMWCon Spring 2015,

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SMW in HealthcareSMW in HealthcareUsing SMW in Healthcare to provide a multi-author environment to track definitions and insight into business metrics.
The Growth of a Semantic Wiki Inside a Large Healthcare OrganizationSMWCon Spring 2014The Growth of a Semantic Wiki Inside a Large Healthcare OrganizationTo let others interested in the use of Semantic MediaWiki understand how one industry - non-profit healthcare - is using the idea of the semantic web to better document and share information.