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SMWCon Fall 2013SMWCon Fall 2013/Requirements for talks

Here are certain points to consider for SMWCon talks.


The topic should relate in some way to Semantic MediaWiki, although that connection can be very loose: talks can cover other software, such as other wiki and semantic wiki applications, or other topics relating to data or the Semantic Web.

You can describe the problem domain (i.e., the subject matter of the data) in your talk, but the focus should ideally be on the technological aspects of the work.

Below are some possible topics:

Applied SMW[edit]

  • For enterprise workflows and business intelligence
  • For corporate or personal knowledge management
  • As knowledge base backend / data integration platform
  • Possible business models
  • Lessons learned (best/worst practices)
  • In e-science, e-learning, e-health, e-government
  • For finding a common vocabulary among a group of people
  • For teaching about the Semantic Web

Development of SMW[edit]

  • Comparisons of concepts and technologies with other software
  • Community building, feature wishlists, development roadmap
  • Improving user experience
  • Improving performance
  • Integrations and interoperability with other applications, and mashups
  • Modeling of complex domains using rules, formulas etc.
  • Access control and security aspects
  • Multilingual support

Talk structure and appearance[edit]

  • Use the Talk template to provide the metadata about your talk. (You can use the Talk form to make data entry easier.) All the talks that use this template will appear in the overview of past contributions.
  • Provide 5 to 6 sentences as an abstract in the template.
  • Describe your talk in further detail in the "free text". Providing more details is useful, because it will help participants prepare ahead of time for your talk.
  • Use the elements of wiki markup to your own taste.


  • We approve the talk descriptions written in any style, so you don't have to use formal and heavily scientific language
  • Put an emphasis on how to achieve the presented solution, rather than doing marketing for it
  • Pictures please!

Review process[edit]

All the descriptions are reviewed one or two times. We will probably ask you to improve your contributions. The talks without descriptions won't be included into program!

We wish good luck with creating and preparing your talks and would love to see you at the conference!