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Change propagationProperty change propagation
Property type change propagation
Activities and requirements while the change propagation is underway
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The change of a property's datatype will initiate a change propagation process on all dependent entities that have a value assigned for the altered property and will temporary (after the change) appear with an unassigned value while the job queue is working its way through the backlog. Depending on the size and rate of executable jobs, the update may take a moment before all queries can display the newly assigned value.

The reason for this process is that each datatype is described by certain display characteristics (e.g "date" vs. "URL") and value constraints and with it influences a property's fundamental specification therefore a change propagation ensures that an altered property notifies all entities with a value assignment in order to be updated in due time.

The approach on how changes are propagated has been revised with SMW 3.0 1.

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