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This page advises on doing maintenance by using a shell script to work on the jobs piped into a job queue by Semantic MediaWiki, but also by MediaWiki itself and other extensions relying on jobs.

Cron job

Set $wgJobRunRate = 0; in your "LocalSettings.php" file and create the script in a file called "":1
#!/usr/bin/env bash 
# will be executed by a cron-job 
RUNNING=$(ps aux | grep /mediawiki/maintenance/runJobs.php | grep maxjobs) 
if [ -z $RUNNING ];
    then su XXX -c "php $MEDIAWIKI/maintenance/runJobs.php --maxjobs=999";

Email 1 further explains that "... XXX to a user that should execute runJobs.php ... have CRON execute the shell-script every minute or so.".


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