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Has areaProperty:Surface area

Surface area defines the surface area of a body, such as in astronomy. The type of this attribute is Quantity. Its units are

  • 1 m²

The semantic template Template:Surface area provides a simple way to simultaneously annotate a page with this property and display its value in a standardized scientific notation.

Subproperty of[edit]

Surface area is a subproperty of Property:Has area. You can query for anything with an Area and pick up pages with this subproperty, but you have to name all subproperties.

page with an "area"Has areaSurface area
Sol6.088e+18 m²
Vienna414.87 km²160.18 sqmi <br />
1,073,815,073.82 km²414,600,000.00 sqmi <br />
California1,098,083.40 km²423,970.00 sqmi <br />
France675,417.00 km²260,778.50 sqmi <br />
Languedoc-Roussillon27,376.00 km²10,569.87 sqmi <br />
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6.088e+18 m²  +