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Population 36,457,549
Area 423,970 sq mi
1,098,083.398 km²

California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States.

Demonstrating Semantic MediaWiki features

Semantic template usage

If you view source of this page you will see that it uses a semantic template to both display the infobox on the right-hand side and annotate this article with properties and a category (see the factbox below).

Using an inline query to produce inverted annotation

If you view source of this page you will see that it uses Template:Invert-property to generate wiki text for the property Property:Location of by querying for pages with its inverse Located in::California. See the Germany page for other approaches to inverse relationships.

Using MediaWiki #REDIRECT to implement equivalent names

Another term for California is "The Golden State". In this wiki The Golden State is a redirect to the California page, so searching for the property value of one, for example [[Located in::California]], finds the other. See such queries on the San Francisco page.