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It is used on [[Template:TableImportAnnotations|template "TableImportAnnotations"]] to demonstrate the [[Help:Plainlist format/parameter import-annotation|the <code>import-annotation</code> parameter]] to <span class="smw-highlighter smwttinline" data-state="inline">[[Help:Plainlist format|result format "Plainlist"]]<span class="smwttcontent">Outputs results in a comma separated list, with additional outputs shown in parentheses. The output does not provide class attributes to HTML elements '''(default for queries without printout statements).'''</span></span>. (en)  +
A summary or condensed version of a piece of writing. (en)  +, Eine Zusammenfassung oder Kurzfassung eines Textes. (de)  +
Generic property for monolingual text (en)  +, Generisches Attribut für sprachspezifischen Text (de)  +
Describes a topic label in an annotated language. (en)  +
Describes a predecessor entity for a selected topic or manual item. (en)  +
statistics about the human population, i.e. people that live together in the same place (en)  +, Statistiken zur Bevölkerung, d. h. den Menschen, die am gleichen Ort zusammenleben (de)  +
Web National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) Authorities (en)  +, 国立国会図書館典拠データ検索 (ja)  +
The number of inhabitants of some geographical place. (en)  +, Die Anzahl der Einwohner eines geografischen Orts. (de)  +
Wikidata ID (en)  +, Wikidata-Kennung (de)  +
The property that determines that two given individuals are different. (en)  +