Wikimedia Hackathon 2024

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This year's Wikimedia Hackathon will take place on May 3 - 5, 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia. We will organize Semantic MediaWiki-related activities. You are welcome to propose an activity below. Please add your username to indicate that you are interested in the topic and available that weekend. Note that you do not have to be physically present in Tallinn since we can do virtual meetings, which can also be organized.

Onboard new SMW users/devs[edit]

At the hackathon, we can introduce SMW and its benefits to people interested in SMW.

  1. Bernhard Krabina
  2. Triton
  3. .. add yourself here

DisplayTitle in MediaWiki Search[edit]

DisplayAdd capability to MediaWiki core to autocomplete pages with their display title in the search field. This is a non-SMW-related task, but it was discussed during SMW Con 2023 as a major annoyance for many SMW users.

  1. Youri van den Bogert

Integration of AI and SMW[edit]

Several talks at SMWCon 2023 featured approaches on how to integrate AI (especially LLMs) with MediaWiki/SMW. We could try to build on one of these approaches.

  1. Bernhard Krabina
  2. .. add yourself here

Add semantic Annotations to VisualEditor[edit]

In Miriam Schlindwein's talk, she demonstrated some new extensions that enhance the Visual Editor with new functionalities for mentions, dates, and tasks (like in Confluence). This approach could be adapted to bring the capability of Semantic Annotations to Visual Editor. It may be a way out of the dilemma that Parsoid will, at some point, break the in-text annotations.

  1. Bernhard Krabina
  2. .. add yourself here

Bug hunting[edit]

We could identify bugs we want to address and do a bug-hunting session. There are plenty of issues in core and other semantic extensions.

  1. Bernhard Krabina
  2. .. add yourself here

PR integration[edit]

We could look into not yet integrated PRs and test/comment/review/improve them to integrate them.

  1. Bernhard Krabina
  2. Nikerabbit (talk)
  3. .. add yourself here

Other ideas[edit]

MediaWiki Table of Contents (TOC) shows Wiki title and not the Display Title
AskArgs api module doesn’t use source
Overwrite getQueryInfo instead of getSQL

What we achieved[edit]