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Name  Natividad
First name  Joel
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About me  Joel Natividad contributed SRF-Ploticus. He is a long-time advocate for Open Source in the Enterprise and is focused on accelerating corporate adoption of Semantic Technologies.

He headed TCG's Knowledge Engineering Practice for 3 years before striking out to start Ontodia - an Urban Informatics startup focusing on using Semantics for Smarter Cities with their SMW-powered Pediacities offering.

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Events  SMWCon Fall 2012, SMWCon Fall 2013, SMWCon Spring 2014, SMWCon Spring 2013,

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Talk eventtitledescription
Linked Answers for Smarter CitiesSMWCon Fall 2012Linked Answers for Smarter CitiesThe desctiption of pediacities platform for creating Linked Data applications for the cities
NYCpediaSMWCon Fall 2013NYCpedia - from raw open data to actionable open knowledge using SMWHow SMW was used to create a knowledgebase from NYC's municipal open data
Open Data and SMWSMWCon Spring 2014Open Data and SMWThis talk explores the burgeoning open data movement, how SMW can be used to organize open data, and how it was implemented in New York City, with a preview of how it will be implemented nationally in the USA.
SMW and NYCSMWCon Spring 2013SMW and NYCOrganizing the City's Open Data, Demo of, the high-resolution semantic wiki of NYC.