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The Object ID lookup function allows to retrieve information about specific data object IDs. It is accessible via special page "SemanticMediaWiki"Provides functions for wiki administrators that assist in doing their administration work. Object IDs are stored in the "smw_object_ids" database table used by extension "Semantic MediaWiki"Allows to store and query data annotated to pages and contain information about their respective e.g. namespace, title and subobject. This information may be useful when identifying a specific problem causing maintenance script "rebuildData.php"Allows to rebuild all the semantic data for a selected data backend/store script to fail.


Looking up object ID 53:

        "smw_title": "Main_page",
        "smw_namespace": "0",
        "smw_iw": "",
        "smw_subobject": "_QUERY0042b2cb7632c8084d1923eda1f26b93"
  • "smw_title" - holds the name of the page which stores the data object
  • "smw_namespace" - holds the ID of the namespace the above page is located in
  • "smw_iw" - holds interwiki data from the database
  • "smw_subobject" - holds the ID of the subobject which stores the data object


  • Not every object ID holds all of the information. If the respective information is not there "" is prompted instead (see e.g. "smw_iw" in the example provided above).
  • In case only false is returned instead of the data displayed in the example above the respective object ID is simply not available.
  • An ID can either match a MediaWiki or Semantic MediaWiki table entry1

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