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API module "ask"API result "Boolean"
API result format for data type Boolean
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When using the API modules to query for semantic data, different datatypes may have different output formats. This page gives an example for datatype "Boolean"Holds boolean (true/false) values using API-module "ask"Allows to do ask queries. API-module "askargs"Allows to do ask queries with as little ask query specific syntax as possible however uses the same output format.

Example JSON result output[edit]

You can experiment with the api result output yourself by using the API Sandbox. The following example can be reproduced here.

    "query": {
        "printrequests": [
                "label": "Has boolean",
                "key": "Has_boolean",
                "redi": "",
                "typeid": "_boo",
                "mode": 1,
                "format": ""
        "results": {
            "Help:Examples for boolean values pairs": {
                "printouts": {
                    "Has boolean": [
        "serializer": "SMW\\Serializers\\QueryResultSerializer",
        "version": 2,
        "meta": {
            "hash": "81bc23908f8b36199da4cc60c151a05a",
            "count": 1,
            "offset": 0,
            "source": "",
            "time": "0.001430"