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Built in search features of MediaWiki may not be sufficient for some use cases, you might especially be intereted in

  • the possibility of searching for semantic properties or doing facetted search (search that can be narrowed down by semantic properties)
  • the possibility of searching inside the contents of uploaded files (e. g. PDF documents)
  • the possibility of including search results outside of your (Semantic)MediaWiki instance (e. g. other Websites/Wikis or documents resinding on a filesystem)

Semantic search

Other built-in options

  • Semantic Result Formats provides the "filtered" format
  • Semantic Drilldown provides a different possibility of a faceted search
  • Semantic Forms can be used to define query forms. You can customize the fields you want to provide for searching to the users as well as the results to be displayed

None of these options provide the possibility to include sources from outside of the wiki.

External search

External search to support semantic context

  • SOLRSearch, a revival of the Halo Enhanced Retrieval extension. It pushes pages to a SOLR server and has a javascript client featuring SMW-based faceted search.
  • SolrStore, to search your semantic properties with the power of a fulltext search engine (lucene), by defining custom search forms.