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A number of Semantic Web tools can immediately be used with the RDF export of Semantic MediaWiki. This page lists various tools that have been tested with SMW and explains what features they offer.

  • The Geocoding Tools for Python provide a simple toolkit for obtaining the geographic coordinates of places in the real world. For example, you can find out the location of some building you are at by providing the buildings name. The name is looked up in various sources, including Semantic MediaWikis, and the location is returned. Further located in statements are used to infer the location of sub-locations.
  • Tabulator is an online browser for RDF documents available at Using it on external resources such as requires a change in security settings of the browser, since JavaScript must be enabled to access external sites. After this is done, RDF of can be loaded conveniently by loading the URL of some RDF export, e.g. ESWC2006. The interface is still somewhat crude, but the tool shows that dynamic interfaces for browsing RDF and RDF-enabled sites are feasible. Tabulator takes advantage of Semantic MediaWiki's feature of creating browsable RDF which includes "backlinks" in RDF triples as well.
  • Longwell is a Java-based facetted browser for RDF. It includes features for browsing, querying and query refinement, Timeline support and graphical presentation of RDF graphs. It works very well with the RDF generated by Semantic MediaWiki and its faceted browsing capabilities provide some real added value for the semantic data. It is available online via
  • Piggy Bank is a browser extension for Firefox available at Semantic MediaWiki refers to a page's RDF specification within its HTML header so that Piggy Bank can find it. In effect, Piggy Bank will collect RDF of all visited articles during browsing. Of course, the further use of this RDF, as in all applications of Piggy Bank, is left to the user.
  • KAON2 is a reasoner and ontology management API for OWL DL and SWRL. It can be used to check the validity of the exported OWL specifications. In conjunction with OWL tools, you can also transform the exported RDF into LaTeX sources that show the according DL statements (which tend to be more readable for humans, or at least for DL-aware humans).

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