Help:Named args



The query at Demo:Examples/Queries/Template_to_display_random_videos has the parameter named args=yes:

 [[Has video provider::Vimeo||YouTube]]
 |?Has video provider
 |?Has video id
 |?Has description
 |sort=Has video id
 |named args=yes
 |searchlabel= ... find more videos here 

It uses the template Template:AskWidgetVideoList where the selected properties

from the ask query can now be used as template parameters, e.g. {{{Has video provider}}}.

Please note that in SMW versions prior to 3.0 the parameter names had a question mark prepended, so {{{?Has video provider}}} has to be used.

Migrating Templates using ? prepended Named Args to SMW Version > 3.0[edit]

Having the ReplaceText extension installed, you could simply visit Special:ReplaceText and replace all occurrences of {{{? by {{{, selecting the Template namespace.

(see SMW issue 4315).