Help:Media files and metadata

Shows MIME and Media type information
Shows information retrieved from the Elasticsearch (Tika) document ingest processor
Shows "Exif data" retrieved from an image

Adding metadata to media files will help to make them queryable and extend the content horizon in which those files are uploaded.

A user is always able to provide specific information about a file in form of annotations but certain data can be retrieved automatically and autonomously to build a better information platform about files and their content.

Type data[edit]

While not enabled by default, the following properties are suggested to be added to configuration parameter $smwgPageSpecialPropertiesSets the page related special properties to be used so that rudimentary information about a file can be stored and made available out-of-the box:

Attachment links[edit]

Recognizing (or track) where each file (or image) is attached to, special property "Attachment link"Holds the links to files embedded on a page can provide the means for it.

Exif data[edit]

Extension "Semantic Extra Special Properties"Adds some extra special properties to all pages provides additional capabilities to fetch and annotated Exif (Exchangeable image file format) information from a file.

Content information[edit]

The Elasticseach store (SMWElasticStore) provides a functionality to parse the entire content of a file outside of the wiki and is able to transfer back some metadata to the wiki. If enabled, it adds a file attachment container which holds data from the "Apache Tika" plugin1 and provides information (if provided by the file) about:

  • Content author
  • Content date
  • Content language
  • Content length
  • Content title
  • Content type
  • Content keyword

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