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Composer is installed and available (see Using Composer with MediaWiki and Installing Composer).


Please check the compatibility requirements.


The following commands are run from the base directory of your MediaWiki installation:

You can either use:

php composer.phar require mediawiki/semantic-media-wiki "~3.0" --update-no-dev

or add the following lines to "composer.local.json" (it is a MediaWiki specific convention, composer require does not work on this file and instead has to be edited manually. See an example "composer.local.json" file for how to proceed.)

    "require": {
        "wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin": "~1.3",
composer update --update-no-dev
The version stated in the line above is provided as an example. See the Releases page on GitHub for newer releases. If there is e.g. a release called "SMW 3.0.1" you will have to replace "~2.5" with "~3.0" to get the latest stable release. Please always omit the bugfix release number, i.e. the third number with additional information about the ~ usage can be found here.


Add a call to enableSemantics() to the end of the "LocalSettings.php" file. enableSemantics() takes in the domain name of the wiki; a wiki located at "", for instance, should have the following call:

enableSemantics( '' );
The calls require_once ( … );, wfLoadExtension( … ); or wfLoadExtensions( … ); must not be added to invoke Semantic MediaWiki.

Setup and update[edit]

Run the update.php script from the base directory of your MediaWiki installation:

php maintenance/update.php
Add --skip-external-dependencies to the call of the setup script if you get an error message similar to the following one:
mediawiki/semantic-media-wiki: 2.5.0 installed, ~2.5 required.


Check the "Special:Version" page on your wiki and verify that the extension has been successfully installed and enabled.

Test your installation as described on the help page about testing Semantic MediaWiki.