This help page is about testing Semantic MediaWiki after the initial installation of the software in case you are uncertain that everything went well.

Verify installation success

Navigate to special page "Special:Version". You should see "Semantic MediaWiki (Version x.x.x)" listed in the top section called "Semantic Extensions".

Verify annotation usage

Testing SMW - Step 1 and 2
Testing SMW - Step 1 and 2
Testing SMW - Step 3 and 4
Testing SMW - Step 3 and 4
Testing SMW - Step 5
Testing SMW - Step 5
  1. Create a regular wiki page named "TestSMW".
  2. Before saving, enter the following wiki text within the edit field:
    Property test: [[Property name::Property value]]
  3. Now save the page and you will see the following displayed on the page:
    "Property test: Property value"
  4. Navigate to special page "Special:Browse" by clicking on the link "Browse properties" in the "tools" section of your wiki's sidebar.
  5. On this special page you will see:
    • the property "Propery name" and the value "Propery value", both in red
    • the special property "Modification date" in blue and italics as well as the value e.g. "5 February 2014 23:42:29" (the timestamp when the page was saved).
  6. Semantic MediaWiki was successfully tested!

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.9.0 to the most current version.
Other versions: 1.0 – 1.8.0      

Help:Testing en 1.9.0