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Help:Examples for boolean values pairs

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These examples show setting the property Property:Has boolean with different valid and non valid values according to datatype "Boolean"Holds boolean (true/false) values

valid value pairs[edit]

1 ↔ 0
true ↔ false
t ↔ f
yes ↔ no
y ↔ n

invalid values pairs[edit]

  • x"x" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value. ↔ -"-" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.

If you would like to make these valid options add the values to the system messages "MediaWiki:Smw true words" or "MediaWiki:Smw false words" respectively.



{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |?Has boolean }}

true, false

show with display formatters[edit]

{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |?Has boolean#x,- }}

x, -

show with display formatters using UTF-8 characters[edit]

{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |?Has boolean#✅,☐ }}

✅, ☐


 |?Has boolean
Has boolean