Properties and types


Properties and types (datatypes) are the basic way of entering semantic data in Semantic MediaWiki. Properties can be viewed as «categories for values in wiki pages». They are used by a simple mark-up, similar to the syntax of links in MediaWiki:

[[Property name::property value]]

This statement defines a value for the property of the given property name. The page where this is used will just show the text for value and not the property assignment.

Creating properties[edit]

Creating annotations[edit]

Annotations are generally referred to as assigning a value (e.g. 10, 1 Jan 1970, 1 km etc.) to a property hereby creating a value representation with a specific meaning (aka semantics).

  • In-text annotation explains in detail how to apply [[Property name::property value]] mark-up to a page
    • beware that according to 1, in future versions of MediaWiki (with Parsoid), this method might be deprecated.
  • Extra annotation explains in detail how to add {{#set: Property name=property value }} mark-up to a page
  • Inverse properties illustrates how a property with datatype Page can invert its direction

Related topics[edit]

  • Property links [[SomeProperty::@@@]] or [[SomeProperty::@@@en]]) allows creating local-specific links to property pages.
  • Parser functions contains a list of provided by Semantic MediaWiki and can be used to add more complex data such as recurring events, use of a "silent" annotation, or add subobject


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